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Brightpoint still in a fog

Halfdan Neumann

As so many other businesses, Brightpoint had experienced repeated burglaries in which the thieves got away with goods worth several million dollars. The insurance company at this point, demanded that security was to be tightened with the use of fog security. Two suppliers were contacted: "We chose SmokeCloak because they offered the best solution and solid professional advice" says Halfdan Neuman who is the Administrative Manager at Brightpoint and who has been part of the overall process.

The warehouse in Vojens covers a total area of 5500 square meters with a ceiling height of 10 meters and contains all types of high tech security installations. Despite this, there was an attempted break in in September last year. The thieves got no further than the first fog generator, which was installed by the entrance door, before they were literally blown out of the building by vapor. They left promptly without any valuables!

Brightpoint experiences the product from SmokeCloak as highly reliable, providing a sense of safety to the business that their premises are optimally secured at the end of a working day. " We wouldn't hesitate to recommend SmokeCloak to others with similar challenges", Halfdan Neuman adds. Brightpoint in Vojens is not the only warehouse that have installed SmokeCloak. The successful model has been transferred to a number of the company's warehouses in other European countries.

Siemens A/S, the alarm company behind the installation, was chosen by Brightpoint for the big project. Project leader from Siemens, Klaus Lythje says; "Throughout the project, we have been more than satisfied working in cooperation with SmokeCloak and with the quality of their products, which from a service point of view are easily accessible". For the sake of security, SmokeCloak is installed as a fully integrated part of the overall security system. This also means that all the fog generators are individually managed and furthermore supervised by Siemens security office 24 hours a day. This set up provides a high level of security and an immediate response in case of low fluid levels or technical failures. "So far we have only inspected the generators at the yearly routine inspections" expresses Klaus Lythje.

Smoke security systems reaching for new levels
A new series of generators, launched later in the year, will set new standards within fog generators and SmokeCloak continues to contribute to the growth and development of fog security systems. More and more Danish clients are realising the advantages of the company's broad range of international experience. For several years now, SmokeCloak has sold a 100% thoroughly tested and reliable assortment of products, which in itself has secured the company's continuing position as the world's largest producer of fog security systems.

SmokeCloak A/S is 100% Danish owned and the world's leading producer of the original fog security system . More than 40,000 machines have been installed worldwide. SmokeCloak A/S was established at the end of 2001 with the take over of SmokeCloak Ltd., who were the pioneers of smoke security at the beginning of the 1990's.