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How do I test the system?

The alarm installer can usually provide a testing facility via the alarm panel. but it is also possible to make a test through the VALI.

  1. The VALI range is supplied with a testbutton input, which becomes active if VALI is set into servicemode by applying 12 V to the AUX IN (terminal 21 & 22) (default). N.B. The AUX input can be configured to PANIC. – In that case the VALI will activate by applying 12 V.
  2. All SmokeCloaks can also be tested by removing all cables, except from a shortcut between the 12 V power supply (terminal 19&20 ) and the set (terminal 9&10) and the trigger (terminal 11&12). N.B. ensure that all cables are removed from PL1.