Our Mission is to reduce risk and loss for our customers.

When fog security as we know it was created in 1992, it was these principles that were at the heart of that creation. A businessman frustrated by huge losses before any security response could arrive on site decided to create a device that could safely stop thieves in their tracks. 

From this pivotal moment the security industry was dramatically changed in its approach to how it could secure its customers.

From these humble beginnings we have grown through years of experience into the company we are today. Inventor, manufacturer, developer and patent owner. Driving our business forward in these fast-moving times with broad availability of our products and support. Able to rapidly respond to large demand for quick projects, our trustworthy work ethics ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Leading the industry with our patented fog that, after huge amounts of development, has been widely tested and proven to be totally harmless. Using food and pharmaceutical grade glycols our safe and non-toxic fog allows it to be used around food, people and animals, sensitive IT equipment, in fact it is so safe, it can be used in almost any environment. This combined with our fogs exceptional persistence means that we can keep you protected for longer, resulting in the highest chance of retaining your valuables until the security forces arrive.

Offering outstanding quality and backed by a 5-year warranty, our products lead the way with a very low cost per activation combined with a massive reduction in losses versus premises that are attacked without SmokeCloak installed. With our products installed in over 50 countries globally we have seen criminals successfully repelled again and again proving how effective SmokeCloak is.

Based upon feedback from many of our customers who have had break ins before and after SmokeCloak was fitted to their stores, we can see an average reduction in losses of over 95%!

This also gives our customers the valuable advantage of being able to return to normal business almost immediately after an attack, greatly reducing the loss of earnings normally associated with large scale theft.

Generally, our systems will more than pay for themselves after just one break in when compared to a robbery without a  SmokeCloak fitted.