Instant Protection!Security Fog

When you are suffering from losses and the security services simply cannot arrive in time to prevent them, SmokeCloak is the perfect solution. Hiding your valuables within seconds we ensure that intruders leave empty handed. With a great deal experience in a diverse range of applications, we are very happy to help you protect yourself, your staff and your valuables from harm.

SmokeCloak Case Studies

Joule Jewellers

Daytime robbery attempt – thieves left empty handed “We had an incident only a few months after installing the Smokecloak

Barclays Bank Defeats Armed Robbers

After suffering with daytime armed hold ups for many years, SmokeCloak proved to be extremely effective at immediately halting an armed robbery in its tracks. case story from Denmark

The level of security needed to be increased at the warehouse of a very successful Danish internet shop called after a number of breaks-ins.

Trainer Case Studies

Case story from Canada; Mock Disaster Training Assistance

It is very important that Firefighters are protected from airborne toxins. This includes their training environments and with modern powerful, yet simple to use equipment, we can offer very realistic solutions that are completely safe.