Fire Training

Safety instructing in dangerous environments is one of the hardest tasks to achieve, especially when you are in a fire or Smoke environment.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our Fire Safety Training machines create the most realistic fire training scenario and that the fire safety training equipment is totally safe.

In fact our Fire Safety Training units are the safest way to simulate Smoke making them the safe way to undertake smoke tuition. Our smokes generators are the ONLY purpose built machines for the Fire Training Industry and cannot be compared to or with entertainment foggers.

The design of our Fire Training Safety machines, in combination with our unique water based fluid, ensures that the smoke has the longest hang time. This means it produces the most realistic smoke environment to train in while remaining very economic to run.

Our units have many safety features including being water resistant. The safety officer can control the units varying the output speed to accurately achieve the desired smoke density. They also have built-in timer controls to automatically achieve the desired result for any scenario.

The safety of the trainee and trainer is of utmost priority, together with the safety of the training and surrounding area.

Under OH&S legislation you are obliged to provide safety in, machinery, substances, systems of work and instructional environments.

Using special food grade glycol and water based fluids our Fire Safety Training smoke generators produce training smoke that is totally safe if inhaled, but is also safe and easy to handle.

Designed to generate instant smoke in very large spaces, the Trainer 501 combines a unique range of features to create a variety of powerful smoke effects.
The Trainer 301 is a mid-sized, portable smoke machine with enhanced output to provide a continuous flow of dry dense smoke.