Wupti.com: case story from Denmark

The level of security needed to be increased at the warehouse of a very successful Danish internet shop called Wupti.com after a number of breaks-ins.

The problem is not so much the loss of goods, but more the repair of the damaged property and mostly the disruptions in the daily business that are the result of break-ins. As with many other companies, Wupti.com experienced increasing break-ins in their warehouse, as Managing Director Torben Mouritsen says: "We needed some extra security and we chose the fog security system because it's the most cost effective security product for the price".
A SmokeCloak system can easily be integrated into any electronic security system or as a stand-alone solution that fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of vapour when an intrusion is detected.

Wupti.com did not have to wait long for the first test!
The warehouse at Wupti.com is about 50 square meters so one fog generator can easily protect the room. Soon after installing the fog generator it got tested by another break-in. The burglar only entered the building, activated the fog machine and left empty handed.

Wupti.com is pleased with the new security solution: "After the first activation we have not had any more break-ins so maybe the products also have a preventive effect", says Torben Mouritsen.

The fog is created by vaporizing a specially formulated glycol solution which is harmless to people and anything found inside industrial premises, offices and shops. The hang time of the fog is about 45 minutes, but the SmokeCloak system can easily be programmed to keep the location covered in fog for longer than that if needed.