Q. Are the machines safety approved and good quality.

A. Yes we are proud of the reliability and quality of our units, they are all CE approved and conform to the highest EN standards. They are built in the UK in an ISO certified factory that operates to the highest levels quality standarts.

Q. Warranty?

We happily offer a 5 year warranty on all our fog units to ensure this confidence is passed onto our customers.

Q. Is the Security/Training fog safe to breathe? Q. Is the Security/Training fog fluid safe?

A. These are the most common questions we are asked and both can be answered with an emphatic Yes! We use very high quality liquids and take a lot of care in how they are vaporised to ensure consistent excellent levels of safety. The fluid and fog have been independently verified to be completely safe for use in environments with people, pets, food and all types of sensitive IT equipment. We have many documents regarding the results and details so for more information please contact us for copies.

Q. How long does it take to fill a room with fog?

A. This will depend on the upon a few factors, the type of SmokeCloak/Trainer device being used and the size of the area to be filled being the main factors. For security use typically the main area’s to be protected disappear in seconds after the activation has begun. For Fire training the desired density of the resultant fog will have a bearing on the time taken to fill the area. But with a range of powerful machines designed to suit all budgets and design specifications we are certain you will be able to find the right product for your needs.

Q. How long does the fog last after the first activation?

A. The fog we create is designed to be very persistent meaning it will hang for up to an hour after an activation. This means great protection in security environments and also cost effective production of fog in fire training centres without the need to frequently re-activate the machine.

Q. Once the machine has fired once can it activate again?

A. Yes, very quickly in fact. The fluid use in our products is very efficient meaning the container in the machine holds enough for multiple activations. This combined with high powered heaters also means the machines can be ready to fire again seconds after the previous activation has finished.

Q. Will there be any residue left after the fog has disappeared?

A. No, our fog has been proven time and again to be very dry and leave no traces after it has disappeared. We do however recommend that in security use it is allowed to escape the protected area within 1 hour of activation.

Q. Can I start to sell Trainer/SmokeCloak products in my country?

A. We welcome all new opportunities and pride ourselves on quickly arranging flexible mutually beneficial new agreements for new distributors. Please contact us to check for any existing suppliers in your area or about how to become a distributor yourself.