SmokeCloak EASY Fluid

SmokeCloak FL600 is an exclusive mixture of demineralised water and food grade glycols. The formula that has been developed through many years of experience and R&D and gives a unique combination of density and hang time.

The SmokeCloak FL 600 fluid is very economical in use and requires just 0,45cc. to produce a cubic metre of SmokeCloak vapour. The typical hang time in a static air environment is around 45 minutes and the FL 600 fluid creates a uniform sub micron particle size

Fluid is supplied in different sizes to suit the variety of machines and run times. The fluid is harmless and a full safety data sheet is available on request.

  • Product specifications
  • Dimensions 1 Litre: 13.5cm x 8.8cm x 17cm
  • Weight 1 Litre: 1.25 kg
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